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Our 1 oz. 30 ml Full Spectrum Hemp CBD Blend (650mg) is Organic and made with ingredients designed to encourage the vitality of your optimal health. Our Full Spectrum Blend encourages the “entourage effect” which means that you are not only getting high quality CBD in your system but you are also getting a variety of beneficial cannabinoids such as CBG, and CBN including terpenes (therapeutic plant compounds) all at once. We blend our Full Spectrum Hemp CBD with Organic unrefined Hemp Seed Oil OR MCT Oil. 

**Our Full Spectrum CBD Oil contains the legal amount of THC that can be extracted from Hemp plants. Our Full Spectrum CBD Oil will not induce any psychoactive effects as it is a 34:1 ratio and will not create a “high” effect. A CBD Oil that contains very small amounts of THC has been proven to be more effective then a NO THC, CBD oil. CBD and THC are the power couple of cannabis sativa hemp plants.


Hemp-Seed Oil:
•Maintains a Hormonal Balance
•Great Source of Vitamins for vegetarians
•High Ratio (3:1) of Omega-3 and Omega-6
•Helps lower cholesterol
•Can help boost your immunity



•Promotes Weight loss

•Great Energy Source

•Helps fight yeast and bacterial growth

•Reduces risk factors for heart disease

•Can help manage blood sugar levels


How to use: Day or night, add to your favorite teas, smoothies, raw or cooked foods, or take it straight up!


Directions: Everyones body is different and we recommend taking 1 serving (half a dropper full = 10.8 mg) to start. Depending on how your body responds, feel free to up your dose till satisfied.

We encourage everyone to do their own independent research on each of our ingredients and their benefits.


Full Spectrum CBD Oil

  •  Full Spectrum Hemp CBD Extract and Organic unrefined Hemp-Seed Oil.


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