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My entire life I have suffered from anxiety, stress and the pressures of everyday life growing up in NYC from an immigrant family. I have also struggled with Premenstrual Dysphoric Disorder from a very young age. 


In search of relief I have gone through a myriad of medication to no avail. It wasn’t till I began to use Cannabis that I began to see real change in my life for the better and the sun began to shine again.


As an avid medical cannabis user, It was inevitable that I discovered CBD and experimented with its potent powers to find that it was the best and most effective thing I had ever tried to find relief for everything... from my anxiety to my menstrual aches and pains.


Hemp and Cannabis have catapulted me into the powers of plant medicine and seeing all that the earth naturally provides us. It was through these experiences that I was began to formulate my own medicines that eventually became Terrestrial Roots.


As a Latinx woman, I knew my place in the Cannabis industry was important and I vowed to create affordable ethical natural medicine for my community by sourcing from small businesses and staying transparent with all of our customers always.

-Yours truly, Cindy
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