In the Summer of 2017 while Kayaking through the Delaware River gap my husband and I rowed our canoe while enjoying the beautiful serene landscape of earth that surrounds us. Suddenly Angelo's hand cramped up and he couldn't open his hand with out being in severe pain. We did not know what to do! Luckily we brought a handy bottle of CBD Oil we were recently gifted from a friend and thought we'd give it go since we understood that CBD Oil helps with alleviating pain and joint discomfort. Angelo took a gulp of CBD Oil and with in minutes his hand was able to open up with out any pain at all! We were in AWE of the magic! We came home and still could not believe how well CBD Oil worked and how well it helped us in a dire moment. Luckily with the help of our grower friends and our Canna Family we were able to formulate our own herbal medicines for all the people around us. Shortly after Terrestrial Roots quickly added CBD products to their once long list of natural healing opportunities that we will soon bring back into our shop. We want you to know that all of our formulations are made with intense care and love for nature and appreciation for the abundant medicine that mother earth provides. 
-Yours truly, Cindy

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